Blue Origin launches its first crewed mission in over a year.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket recently completed its first crewed mission since September 2022. The mission, which took place at their West Texas Launch Site One, involved a crew of seven embarking on a brief journey to space and back. The previous uncrewed flight was cut short due to a nozzle failure, prompting the flight termination system to activate and ensure the safe separation of the capsule from the failing New Shepard. During the recent 10-minute flight, the crew reached an altitude of 351,111 ft (107 km) and a top ascent speed of 2,236 mph (3,599 km/h), while the first stage booster reached an altitude of 350,752 ft (107 km).

The crew included six private citizens from diverse backgrounds, one of whom was Former U.S. Air Force Captain Ed Dwight, who at the age of 90, became the oldest person to journey to space. Dwight had been selected as a NASA astronaut in 1963 but never flew and retired three years later. This recent mission also served as a contingency exercise, demonstrating the capability to land with just two crew members for future safety considerations. This flight marks a significant achievement for Blue Origin and carries implications for the future of space travel and exploration.

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