What’s inside a Tesla Model 3 battery?

AIRES is a company making radio-controlled planes and they have a special interest in Tesla batteries.  They design battery packs and related products using Tesla batteries.

They recently posted an informative video on YouTube that shows a teardown of a Tesla Model 3 battery cell.  The video is 2 minutes 40 seconds long and is a must-watch.

Last year, ARIES posted video tearing down a Model S/X 18650 battery and he goes more into depth on each part.

On the ARIES website, they share some more info on Tesla batteries and why they’re safer than other Li-Ion batteries:


Lithium Ion 18650 Tesla Cells cells are much safer than most standard cells sold by Panasonic, HP, Sanyo, and other common Li-Ion distributors. The key reason for their safety is that Tesla batteries are put to use in automobiles. For this reason, they undergo greater safety protocols than most other Lithium Ion cells, most of which are intended for laptops. When Tesla started constructing their Roadster model, their goal was to produce a battery with a very low defect ratio. The result is a battery that has a defect ratio of 1:10,000,000. Very few 18650 batteries can even come close to this standard. Additionally, the battery can withstand higher Amp outputs with minimal heating. When we compared NCR18650’s to a Tesla battery at 60% amp draw, the Tesla cell remained at room temperature while the NCR18650 reached 90*F. Even at 8 Amps draw, the Tesla battery remained well below 85*F.