The Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRI Center) is a massively privately owned industrial park with 107,000 acres (167 sq mi).  The land was originally purchased by developers in 1998 for $20 million.  The developers expected the land to be sold to tech companies and for it to take “three generations”, but it has only taken 20 years due to the recent sale of 74,000 acres for about $175 million.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, TRI part-broker Lance Gilman credits Tesla for putting the industrial park on a completely different trajectory and entering the tech world:

I always smile when I go back and think about four years ago when Tesla arrived. We already had about 115 companies in there. Wal-Mart was there, Pet Smart was there. Amazon was there. Zulily was there. PPG was there, and we had U.S. Ordinance building the .50-caliber machine guns. It was a tremendous park before we ever met Tesla.

But when we met Tesla, that put us on an entirely different international platform. And when that platform started to grow, all of a sudden, here came Switch (and others)… and we just had these corporate groups come in here, following Tesla all of a sudden. And so we’ve entered the tech world.

The recent purchase of 74,000 acres was done in 15 separate transactions.

One of the notable buyers is Blockchains LLC who is planning a 4,000 housing and residential complex which is supposed to be a “full cybernetic community based on the block chain theory and technology”.

According to Blockchains LLC website, “BLOCKCHAINS will be joining the likes of Tesla, Google, and Switch in calling the Tahoe Reno Industrial (TRI) Center, the largest industrial park in the world, home. During development of our campus, a newly renovated facility just outside of the TRI Center will act as our temporary headquarters until the campus is complete.”

Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex

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Yesterday I posted an article about the Model Y, Rumor: Tesla sending out drawing and specs to solicit quotes for Model Y crossover for production date March 1, 2020.  Today I’d like to follow up with that article and discuss the significance of the Model Y and what it means to Tesla, investors and future owners.

The Model Y is the small SUV crossover that Tesla is planning for production in 2020.  It will be built on the same platform as the Model 3 and share many of the same parts, and presumable the same battery pack.

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Elon Musk is turning out to have a knack for investing.While his focus is not necessarily on investments, the investments he’s made both in his own companies and others have grown tremendously.

What’s not known by many people is that Elon Musk has made many investments besides the investments he’s made in the companies he runs, like Tesla or SpaceX.

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