Tesla is planning on selling their solar products within Tesla-branded spaces at 800 Home Depots stores across the U.S.

The Tesla solar mini stores inside Home Depot will be have Tesla employees on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about their solar panels and also Powerwall products.

Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016 and has been focusing on selling solar panels as opposed to leasing them to customers.  As a result, Tesla has had to cut back on the aggressive expansion plans that Solarcity previously had.  However, with this news that Tesla will be expanding into 800 Home Depot stores, it now appears that Tesla may be ready to start gearing up expansion in their solar division.

One of the unique aspects of Tesla’s solar business is their ability to provide energy storage along with solar panels.  Their Powerwall product is able to store 13.5 kWh of energy and can provide extensive backup power in case of grid failure.

As reported by Bloomberg, Tesla’s new Home Depot displays will be quite large, 12 feet tall and 7 feet wall.  In other words, Tesla will be building quite a high display that will likely include samples of their solar products, both solar panels and Powerwalls.

Bloomberg also reported that Lowe’s has been in discussion with Tesla about selling it’s solar products in their stores as well.

Previously, Home Depot had a relationship with SolarCity where Solarcity had in-store displays to sell solar panels.  However, I’ve personally experienced the SolarCity displays several times at Home Depot and they were far from appealing.  I think Tesla has a much better chance at making a display that will be inviting.  Further, Tesla’s brand is much stronger than Solarcity.

My Initial Impressions on the Model 3

I took delivery of my new Model 3 about a week ago and I am thoroughly impressed.

The Model 3 is an amazing car. First, the car looks and feels like a Tesla. I’m glad that they kept many of the exterior design features of the Model S as the Model 3 looks like a slightly smaller Model S. Driving the cars feels like vintage Tesla. Instant torque, seamless acceleration, and great handling. In fact, since the Model 3 is a smaller car, it handles curves much more adeptly than its big brother the Model S. Under 60mph, the Model 3 is a much more fun and nimble car to drive. At the end of every day this past week I was left thinking, “Wow! This is a great car!”

The interior of the Model 3 is the future of Tesla interior design. I personally think they nailed the interior design and it feels great inside. The seats feel great. The simplicity in design is stunning. I was quickly able to get used to the 15” center screen and wasn’t bothered by the lack of a driver console screen. Some people online have complained about how some of the functions work on the 15” screen, but I know all of the software can and will be improved upon. What they have right now is a fantastic start and is more than capable.

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