I shared earlier this week that Tesla was sending more Model 3s to various showroom across the U.S.  See Model 3 on display in more showrooms including San Diego, Scottsdale, Washington DC, and Southlake, Texas.  Now, we are seeing firsthand reports of reservation holders waiting in line to view the Model 3 and how their experience was.

Mark McMillen posted some photos in the Model 3 Owners Club Facebook group showing the line in front of the San Diego Tesla showroom.

He also shared that the line was about 1.5 hour long, and that each customer would get 60 seconds in the back seat followed by 60 seconds in the front seat.

Let’s break this down further.  Tesla is able to get one customer every 60 seconds in the car, but probably needs another 15 seconds or so in between customers.  So, let’s call it 75 seconds per customer.  Over the course of an hour, that’s 48 customers.  On Saturday, the San Diego showroom is open from 10am to 9pm, so that’s 11 hours.  In total, Tesla is able to accommodate 528 customers in a day.

Other customers have reported Tesla was offering water and also sharing about Tesla Solar to customers waiting in line.

It’s great to see Tesla showrooms finally having the Model 3.  I’ve always felt with the Tesla showrooms that the high price tag of the Model S and X made it intimidating for most people to enter and engage in Tesla showrooms.  But with the Model 3 and it’s $35,000 price tag (or even less with incentives) I think it makes the Tesla showrooms all the more appealing and accessible.