Many people are curious as to what the standard features will be with the $35,000 base version of the Model 3.  Early today donut_care on Reddit shared that he visited the Tesla showroom in Santana Row (San Jose, CA) and asked a Tesla representative there if the base mode would come with a glass roof.

The Tesla representative told him, “no, the standard model comes with an aluminum roof”.

As we know already, the Model 3 body is made up of steel and aluminum, and it’s an interesting choice for Tesla to choose aluminum.  Aluminum costs significantly more than steel but it lighter, thus helps with range.

I was able to take a test ride in the Model 3 back in March 2016, and I asked the Tesla engineer who was driving the Model 3 if the base model would have a glass roof or not.  He said that the rear would be glass since it’s one piece, but the roof above the front seats would be a solid roof as a standard feature and glass would be an option.

I would also imagine a sunroof that opens would be an option, but likely in the future.

It’s clear that with the $35,000 base model Tesla is going to have to trim some of the features found in the Model 3s that are currently shipping with premium package.  But nevertheless, the base model is going to be a great car with tons of features that other car makers don’t have on their base model – like navigation, parking sensors, advanced safety features, and a 15″ screen.

Note: in the title I put “Report” rather than “Rumor” because this information already has been confirmed by me via another direct Tesla source in the past.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, recently spoke at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm and Business Insider Nordic shares some details of Wozniak’s frustration with Elon and Tesla.

The crux of Wozniak’s frustration seems to be that he took Elon’s promises on the timeline of certain goals literally.  For those following Elon for many years, we know that Elon is terrible at keeping timeline goals, and that his stated timeline goals are usually aspirational goals that are unrealistic to attain.  However, Tesla usually does meet those goals, just late.

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