Caresoft Global, an engineering firm in the Chicago area, has purchased several Model 3 cars from early owners and is selling data to Tesla’s competitors.

According to the WSJ, Caresoft takes CT scans of the Model 3 to create digital designs and virtual simulations of the Model 3 to understand it’s design and build.

Caresoft brought a Model 3 chassis to the Detroit Auto Show this month and also the CES trade show last month, where they’ve been showing the car to various people in the auto industry.

A Ford Motor Co. employee was seen measuring its windows (via WSJ):

Around the red Model 3 skeleton, a Ford Motor Co. employee was measuring the windows, while men with European accents were crawling underneath for a closer view.

Caresoft also offered test drives of the Model 3 at the Detroit Auto Show.

Caresoft claims 10 auto makers are customers of its services.  They charge upward of $500,000 for their data.  According to their website, their process includes “deriving engineering data and drawing technical inferences from over 125 data sets & reports arising from full vehicle High-Energy Scan and traditional tear down.”

Here are photos from Caresoft’s recent display at the Detroit Auto Show via (Caresoft’s website).

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, recently spoke at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm and Business Insider Nordic shares some details of Wozniak’s frustration with Elon and Tesla.

The crux of Wozniak’s frustration seems to be that he took Elon’s promises on the timeline of certain goals literally.  For those following Elon for many years, we know that Elon is terrible at keeping timeline goals, and that his stated timeline goals are usually aspirational goals that are unrealistic to attain.  However, Tesla usually does meet those goals, just late.

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I’ve been driving my Model 3 for over 3 weeks now, and on average I’ve stopped by about 3-5 public places (like supermarkets, stores, malls, parks, farmers market, etc) every day.  I’m also on the local roads quite a bit as well.  But one thing I’ve noticed is that there haven’t been as many people as I expected who recognize the Model 3.  It’s only rarely will a person recognize that my car is a Model 3 and give it a second look.  For example, one person next to me at a stop light took out his phone and took a quick pic of my phone.  But this hasn’t been common.

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