Caresoft Global, an engineering firm in the Chicago area, has purchased several Model 3 cars from early owners and is selling data to Tesla’s competitors.

According to the WSJ, Caresoft takes CT scans of the Model 3 to create digital designs and virtual simulations of the Model 3 to understand it’s design and build.

Caresoft brought a Model 3 chassis to the Detroit Auto Show this month and also the CES trade show last month, where they’ve been showing the car to various people in the auto industry.

A Ford Motor Co. employee was seen measuring its windows (via WSJ):

Around the red Model 3 skeleton, a Ford Motor Co. employee was measuring the windows, while men with European accents were crawling underneath for a closer view.

Caresoft also offered test drives of the Model 3 at the Detroit Auto Show.

Caresoft claims 10 auto makers are customers of its services.  They charge upward of $500,000 for their data.  According to their website, their process includes “deriving engineering data and drawing technical inferences from over 125 data sets & reports arising from full vehicle High-Energy Scan and traditional tear down.”

Here are photos from Caresoft’s recent display at the Detroit Auto Show via (Caresoft’s website).