Elon selling flamethrowers. Seriously.

Now this is a bizarre story.  Apparently Elon Musk’s Boring Company is really going to sell flamethrowers… because he can.

So let’s piece together this story.

Clue #1: On Jan 19, 2018 Instagram user, mytesladaventure, posted a video of him (or a friend) using a Boring Company flamethrower. (video language explicit)

The Boring Company Flame Thrower is Real! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🎥 by @dawallach

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Clue #2: Then there’s Elon’s tweets about selling a Boring Company flamethrower starting back in December 2017.

And then after 50k hats were sold, Elon tweeted again:

Clue #3: Someone of Reddit posted a link to https://www.boringcompany.com/flamethrower.

When you go to the link, you see blank page with a space to enter a password.  The Reddit user posted the password is “flame”.

When password was entered, it gives the option to pre-order a Boring Company flame-thrower for $600, shipping in April.


Clue #4: So, now the password “flame” is no longer working.  And folks are trying to guess what the new password is.

Here’s a discussion on Reddit for those trying to figure out the password, discussion link.

Conclusion: It looks like Elon is really selling flamethrowers.  Just like he really is planning on sending a Roadster into space.  I think it’s all a mix of having some fun and thinking it’s really cool.

Elon did tweet about “kids love it” in regards to flamethrowers… which I think is somewhat irresponsible.  I wouldn’t want a bunch of kids to get their hands on flamethrowers.  I hope Elon deletes this tweet.

Anyway, so there it goes.  The mysterious and wacky story of Elon really starting to sell flamethrowers.

Updated (10:19pm, Jan 26, 2018): In response to my post, someone on Facebook shared this video from Spaceballs as the likely reason why Elon is selling Boring Company flamethrowers.