Don’t miss the Tesla Daily podcast by Rob Maurer

Rob Maurer started Tesla Daily podcast last year in August and has been consistently growing his audience by providing daily podcasts on Tesla news.

Rob’s podcast covers the latest Tesla news in a concise manner and is a great resource to keep updated when on the go.  He also provides insightful and valuable interviews from people in the industry to help understand and follow Tesla.

Rob describers his podcast as “covering all things Tesla, Inc., published every weekday”:

News on Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Network is discussed in a concise and consistent manner, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest from Tesla. Dedicated to keeping investors and customers well-informed, Tesla Daily host Rob Maurer provides analysis and opinions on Tesla as a company, TSLA stock, and the future of the many industries Tesla competes in. Additionally, Tesla Daily covers major news from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, and OpenAI.

Here are the direct links for the Tesla Daily podcast:
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Also, back in September 2017, Rob interviewed me for his show.  You can check out the Sept 25th episode here.

If you end up listening to Tesla Daily podcast regularly, consider supporting Rob’s work at his Patreon page.

Elon Musk is turning out to have a knack for investing.While his focus is not necessarily on investments, the investments he’s made both in his own companies and others have grown tremendously.

What’s not known by many people is that Elon Musk has made many investments besides the investments he’s made in the companies he runs, like Tesla or SpaceX.

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Model 3 video review, episode 1 by YouTuber MKBHD

Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) is a YouTuber who is known for his quality tech videos.  His YouTube channel has over 5.7 million subscribers, and he’s been a Model S owner for some time.  His Project Loveday Contest video won first place last year.

I was able to meet Marques at the Model 3 delivery event last year and got a chance to talk with him as we were waiting for our Model 3 test rides.  Tesla had invited him to the event as a contest winner.

Recently Marques was invited by Tesla to test drive a Model 3 for a week.

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